Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Up Against a Wall?

Dry wit and a sense of humor make James Swan a great read! 

His latest post rants about the lack of imagination some homeowners have in pushing their furniture against the walls of a room.  Maybe it's to make more space for the kid stuff?

Read and see more , how NOT to place your furniture, pic's here

FYI: I have be guilty of this in the past ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Do you have your 2011 Calender?

I fell in love with this Susan Wallace Barnes easel calender when I saw it on the kitchen counter of my good friend Nikki.  With 12 beautifully whimsical watercolor sheets to look forward to, it makes planning for the new year a lot brighter!

Wishing all of you warm wishes for the Holiday Season and a
Fabulous 2011!
Plan on a blog post from me between Christmas and the new year:)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pantone Announces their color for 2011

Pantone is the global color authority for the fashion and home furnishings industry.  I am in love, love, love with this color and will certainly find an excuse to inject Honeysuckle into my home and wardrobe! 

The Pantone site is highly addicting-have fun checking it out!

5 Things to sell your home faster

Mls photo

According to Barbara Corcoran, NBC Real Estate corespondent and Hooked on Houses here is a quick list to get your home sold faster (Yes! Even in this market!)

1.White or Yellow exteriors (Talk to an agent or John at Benjamin Moore before using yellow:)
2.A Beautiful Front Door (no chips, dings and freshly painted)
3.Stainless Steel Refrigerator (I suggest they all match: white, blk or stainless)
4.Clean and clutter free rooms (You would be surprised...)
5.Let in the light (Get rid of heavy drapes,open blinds, and clean your windows)

As always, I would be delighted to answer any questions.  Just send me an

Monday, December 13, 2010

The first thing I will change in my kitchen...

Wow, do I dislike my current kitchen sink!  It's shallow, narrow and a very dirty shade of a once, creamy yellow.  I am in the very early stages ( the dream stage) of planning my kitchen make-over and I cannot wait to get rid of this disaster of a sink.  My replacement- a FARMHOUSE SINK.

The difference between a farmhouse sink and a regular kitchen sink is that the farm basin has an apron front that shows when installed, whereas a regular kitchen sink is installed within the counter top and the outside of the bowl is hidden from sight.  Another difference is that the bowl is usually much deeper-Love That!
image source unknown

image source unknown

image source unknown

What do you want to change in your kitchen?  I would love the hear!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ottawa Hills Home $0.00~ Absoulte Auction

Sunday Jan. 16th at 1:00
3727 Indian Rd. Ottawa Hills

So much fun even if your not bidding!
An Absolute Auction has no minimum bid and the highest bidder wins.  If the highest bid is 1.00, the house sells for a 1.00.  *A 10% buyers premium is added to the highest bid amount and a cashiers check is required for a designated amount to bid.
Want more details?  Just e-mail me at:
See you at the auction!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Staging~Less is MORE

• Evergreen wreaths, pine cones, poinsettias and candles say winter rather than a specific holiday. This keeps your house as neutral as possible during the holiday season.

• Although the holidays have much religious significance; mangers, menorahs, etc are considered personal items that we would prefer not to be out during showings. You never know what might offend a potential buyer ~ even during the holidays.

• Be careful not to overwhelm architectural features such as a mantel with holiday d├ęcor. A simple evergreen garland with white lights will show off the fireplace and mantel very nicely. And, remember to put up the stockings at the last minute (Christmas Eve) and take them down before your next showing.

• Take a drive to enjoy the elaborate exterior holiday displays this year and leave yours for next year.

• Christmas trees are big. Visually speaking, you can think of them as another piece of furniture. When decorating a tree, try to use white lights with only one or two colors of decorations. Save the children's ornaments and other personal items for the new home.

• If at all possible, try to use a small, narrow tree or a table top tree so the room isn't overpowered by a huge tree.

• Be sure to keep wrapped gifts out of sight during showings and opens.

• Think about the quantity of gifts that will remain in your house after the holidays and where you’re going to keep them to maintain a clutter-free atmosphere.

• Be careful not to leave decorations up after the New Year.

Michele Thrasher, ASP
Staging by MON BRIO

Great advice Michele! Thank You!