Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Corey Woods Real Estate Auction June 11th


4837 Springbrook (Open at 10:00 AM for preview)

$100,000 minimum bid

Basement, 1st floor laundry, 1st floor Master 4 bed, 3 full bath, 3,754 sq ft

I would be happy to assist you with the registration process or provide more details!

Contact Me at: kfeeback@danberry.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eeeeew, Earwigs!

Anyone else have Hosta's looking like swiss cheese?

Mine look terrible!  A blog I follow, The Casual Gardener, posted this awesome tip on how to get rid of  Earwigs, the insect making all of these little holes.  Best of all, no chemicals to use.  You won't believe how easy this is!

 Check out how >You Tube demo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saving Money in Toledo.com

What could be more Refined than $$saving money$$, especially with the price of gas and groceries!

Check out Saving Money in Toledo.com.  From power bars to diapers, Melanie Kyle, founder, does all of the work for you!  With two kiddo's of my own, I am making Saving Money in Toledo a habit :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Neighborhood Eyesore

The house down the street from you: Shutters askew,  the lawn hasn't been mowed, weeds are plentiful...
Your house: The lawn is manicured, windows cleaned, porch swept, flowers planted and a "For Sale" sign in the yard.

Do you think the house down the street is affecting your resale value? Absolutely!   So, what's a homeowner to do, especially if the house down the street is abandoned.

Properties are often left to deteriorate while in foreclosure limbo; the owner is already gone but the bank can’t take possession until the foreclosure process is finalized.

According to research by the Center for Responsible Lending, foreclosures will affect 91.5 million nearby homes by 2012 and reduce property values of these homes by $20,300 per household.

“We were getting a lot of complaints from real estate professionals about these properties looking unkempt and asking what we can do about it,” says Bud Humbert with Century 21 Associates in Waldorf, Md., and also the chairman of the legislative committee for the Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS®. On behalf of his association, Humbert, also an REO specialist, approached Charles County officials to request that they update the county’s nuisance abatement law to include a "clean and lien " provision. The rule would allow the county to step in and clean up vacant properties and put a lien on them for the cost of the cleanup. Other cities and counties have enacted similar ordinances.

1.) Notify the homeowners’ association. Most HOAs will pay to have the grass mowed and take care of maintenance issues, and then tack the expense on to the HOA bill, which will have to be cleared by the bank before the property sells, Humbert says.

2.) Investigate local and state laws. Some states, such as California, will fine owners for not maintaining properties. New Jersey passed a law that puts banks in charge of maintaining the property from the beginning of the foreclosure process. Whom should you contact with your gripe? Start with your city’s building division; it’s often in charge of making sure a vacant property is boarded and secured. The bylaw department can check for building code vio­lations, the fire department can inspect for fire hazards, and the police can help if there’s vandalism.

3.) Make property boundaries clear. "We are called on to handle this situation frequently, " says Margaret Innis, owner of home staging company Decorate To Sell in Andover, Mass. "On the outside, fences make good neighbors; so does landscaping with arborvitae shrubs—a fast fix worth the investment. Inside, use plantation blinds turned down so the light comes in but the view does not. "

Work with your agent to come up with a game plan so you can MOVE ON!

Kristie Feeback is a full time Realtor with Danberry Realtors. 
Contact: kfeeback@danberry.com

A portion of this post was adapted from the May 2011 Realtor Magazine.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Design Crush~French Farmhouse Chic

Kathryn M. Ireland is one of the designers featured on the upcoming Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo and as of now, the one I am most anxious to watch!  Kathryn's look has been described as comfortable, bohemian, and family friendly with large doses of color and a lack of orthodoxy. Elle Decor dubbed it seat-of-the-pants chic! 

Kathryn not only is a successful interior designer, she also boasts an amazing textile and furniture line

all images via Kathryn M. Ireland

I hope this post brightens your day~cold, cloudy and rainy in the Midwest.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Listing in Ottawa Hills

3935 Indian~Ottawa Hills

My heart truly belongs to a Cape Cod style house!  This home is currently owned by a co-worker of mine who also happens to be quite savvy with decor!

This home boasts 4 beds, 2 full baths, full finished basement and a new 2 car garage.

For complete listing details CLICK HERE

Interested in looking?  E-mail me: kfeeback@danberry.com for a personal tour.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'll be watching

$$Million Dollar Decorators$$  premiers on Bravo Tues. May 31st at 10/9c

Season 1 according to Bravo.com:

Millions of dollars and out-sized egos are constantly on the line as Bravo gives viewers an unprecedented look into the exclusive and affluent world of high-end interior designers in Million Dollar Decorators. The network's latest docu-series follows five of the most sought-after interior decorators as they navigate the high-pressured design industry for their wealthy, famous, and extremely demanding clients. From a $20 million estate in La Jolla to the Osbourne's new Hollywood apartment, viewers will get an all-access pass inside some of the most stunning homes in the world.

The series will explore the work and personal lives of Los Angeles-based designers Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Mary McDonald, and Nathan Turner. These tastemakers often exchange advice and horror stories, but are also forced to compete for the same top-tier clients and their endless budgets. Every decision and minute spent is crucial as the decorators rush to finish their projects on time and deliver the absolute perfection their clients expect.

I can dream, can't I?


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Laundry Room

Okay, my laundry room is currently my least fav room in the house, but the picture above (image unknown) is really depressing!    Here are a few ideas to: contain, conceal, brighten and otherwise make the tedious chore of doing laundry a little more stylish.

Country Living


Cottage Living

Love the drawers in above photo!

Hampton Design

Image unknown

The Container Store
Thinking about stacking my washer and dryer???