Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brilliant Decor Tip!

watercolor from The Perfectly Imperfect Home

On November 1st, Deborah Needleman's book The Perfectly Imperfect Home dropped.  On November 2nd, with much delight and anticipation, I bought it.  If you were lucky enough to read Domino Magazine, the publication which Deborah Needleman founded, you will no doubt embrace this book and use it as a guide to a making your house more of a home!

One of my favorite tips from The Perfectly Imperfect Home has to do with reflecting light: "If you want to throw some light into a dark room, place a mirror on the wall perpendicular to the window, not across from the window as is commonly done, and which actually bounces the light right back out the window!"

perfectly imperfect home cover

Hope your all well rested for the week ahead!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Should You List Your Home During The Holidays?

Yes, yes and yes!  Inventory levels are typically lower during the holidays giving your home the chance to rise to the top of the heap. Regardless of the time of year, buyers will be looking to purchase a home.  Serious buyers will not be distracted by the holidays, so why take yourself out of the game when you may have an advantage?  With the majority of home buyers looking online for Real Estate morning, noon and night, their is a wealth of information the consumer can gain before they even contact their agent to "go look" at a property.  So my question to you is: "Why wouldn't you list your home during the holidays?" 

Not sure where to begin?  E-mail me, Kristie at,  I'll be working for my buyers and sellers throughout the holidays!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Anatomy of The Thanksgiving Table

Norman Rockwell
 Thanksgiving, one of the most challenging holidays to host and yours truly is hosting this year!  How do I make my guests feel special?  Will the food still be warm when it hits the table?  Will anyone try my Gluten Free stuffing?  Currently, the most pressing topic with regard to turkey day is Une Table.  Here are some images that I happen to love and no, my table won't be nearly as sophisticated, but It's great inspiration!

park and beach via etsy

Eddie Ross for Lonny mag last year~One of my favorite table settings

Table 6 productions

Martha Stewart


pottery barn-79.00~will purchase if avail. On Sale:)

Horchow salt cellars



Monday, November 14, 2011

New Link: FEED Project

With the 20.00 purchase of this stocking, FEED will provide 6 months worth of micro nutrients to a child that can be sprinkled onto their own food at home, making the meal a nutritious one.  Check out all of their amazing products HERE.

Hunger and malnutrition can affect every aspect of a person's life. It makes us more susceptible to diseases, it allows for physical deficiencies due to lack of nutrients, and it stunts our mental abilities. And each of these aspects affects a person's ability to thrive and survive, especially for a young child.

Yet, there is hope. By providing a child with nutritious food, you are providing more than just a meal – you are investing in a child's future. 

Real more about FEED Project solutions.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Breathe Easy With Your Next Paint Project

 With 49 fashionable paint colors to choose from, MyColor inspired by Pantone offers designers and do-it-yourselfers a less expensive, easy-to-use solution for adding a splash of color to any craft project.
MyColor Tomato MyColor inspired by Pantone is the first ready-to-go paint available in PANTONE Colors – no time spent waiting for tinting or mixing and no color surprises. An ultra-low VOC paint, MyColor inspired by Pantone is odor free and provides an eggshell finish that is both durable and washable. Premixed, factory-precision color ensures an exact match every time, while unique stain-blocking and self-priming qualities save time and reduce workload. (Love that!)

"Pantone is color. It is the absolute authority on color, providing color forecasting tools and technology to design professionals around the world,” said Randy Moore, president and chief operating officer of Synta. "With MyColor inspired by Pantone now being offered at Lowe’s stores, and on, the inspiration of this innovative paint will bring do-it-yourselfers an unparalleled paint experience, offering fresh design and color opportunities for the home, office and beyond.”
  • 49 colors available
  • Ready for instant use
  • $9.98 at over 200 select Lowe's stores
  • 35 oz container for easy viewing-What took so long!
  • Low VOC
What is Low VOC PAINT?


Monday, November 7, 2011

If I were just a smidge taller...

Ahhh, I love this look, but not for my 5"1 frame.  Elegant, refined, modern and timeless.  Shop it here!
I will be much better with posting this week!
Hope you had a super MONDAY :)