Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Reality of Selling Your Home

Real Life Doesn’t Sell Your House~Michelle Thrasher Staging by Mon Brio

Your Realtor tells you, every TV show about real estate tells you – Real Life Doesn’t Sell Your House. The way we live in our homes and the way we show to sell our houses are two entirely different experiences!

Steps to preparing your house for sale should include:
  • Making all necessary condition repairs that you are aware of.
  • De-cluttering every room; including closets, cabinetry, garage, basement.
  • Cleaning every room thoroughly; including wash windows and having carpeting cleaned.
  • De-personalizing every room; remove family photos, diplomas, etc.
These steps should be taken prior to having a Realtor visit so they can see your house in what you believe to be show ready condition/presentation. A savvy Realtor will then have a Professional Stager visit your home to give you advice on how to complete re-packaging or merchandising your home into a house for sale; a product ready for market.

Contrary to what is seen on TV, a Professional Stager will give you tips of the trade that are pertinent to your house, your potential buyer, your price point. It is individualized advice that comes from years of experience and education. It will not be a derogatory experience or one that necessarily will cost you thousands of dollars. Many times, a Stager will ask you to move furniture for better flow of the room(s). Although you live with the couch facing one way, for selling purposes it might be better another.

Yes, you might have to make some changes to the way you live (and living show ready is not easy), but if you truly want to Sell your House ~ it’s worth it!

Michele Thrasher, ASP

Accredited Staging Professional
Staging by MON BRIO

Thank You Michele! As sellers, we can easily be blinded by our own "stuff". A second set of professional eyes can make a remarkable difference in, most likely, the largest investment of your life!

Michele, I am hoping you will continue to Guest Post in 2011.
Stay tuned for Michele's advice on getting your home ready for the HOLIDAYS!

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