Monday, January 9, 2012

Does Pottery Barn sell Real Estate? Part I

Occasionally, I will hear of a house for sale being "Very Pottery Barn" or "Pottery Barn Cute".  I am sure you have seen it too if you have ever house hunted, or (stalked) a home online.  I Googled "Pottery Barn and Real Estate" and this listing came up in Alexandria Virginia. Click Here!  What do you think?  Does the decor appeal to you?
  Upon receiving the Jan 2012 Pottery Barn magazine,  I tried to scrutinize the pages to understand why I, myself, was drawn to the interiors like so many others. Note: Outside of some picture frames and a quilt, I do not have anything else in my house that is Pottery Barn. 
Here is my first rationals as to why Pottery Barn may help you sell your home:

1.) The decor has mass appeal, not too contemporary, not too traditional, TRANSITIONAL, as my designer friends call it.

Neutral sofa and walls with the pops of color on simple accessories: pillows, a tray, natural looking greens.  If your sofa is 1988 pink and blue floral, get an inexpensive slipcover in a neutral shade.  Buyers associate dated decor with a dated home when your home may not be dated at all!  Perception is truly Reality in this case.  Some inexpensive changes won't have buyers crossing your home off of their list!


I think the biggest challenge when selling your home is appealing to the largest pool of buyers possible.  It isn't about spending a lot of money or making your home a Pottery Barn replica.  It's about using this wildly popular catalog for inspiration.
Questions?  My team and I can help de-mystify the art of getting your home ready for market.  It would be my pleasure to help you, just send me an e-mail:
Be on the watch for Does Pottery Barn sell Real Estate Part II.



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