Monday, January 10, 2011

Refining for 2011

Organizing for the New Year by Michele Thrasher

Every year we resolve to be Organized! Here are some tips of the trade to get you started:
Mantra: It didn’t get this way in an hour, so it will take a bit of time to conquer.
Time: Set aside a block of time that is equal to the task/area. If you have 15 minutes, the kitchen countertops might be a good place to use that time. If you have an entire Saturday, maybe the master bedroom closet or garage.

Tools of the Trade: 5 garbage bags or totes clearly labeled



3) KEEP in this space

4) MOVE to a more appropriate area

5) REPAIR ~ reserve this for items that you really will repair or sew that button on

6) for those who are having a difficult time purging ~ THINK ABOUT

Ready, Set, Purge/Edit/Organize!

• Empty the space you are organizing completely. Yes, that means unload the garage into the driveway or the closet onto the bed.

• Take a few more minutes to clean the area.

• Okay, now picking up each item SORT into one of the 5 or 6 totes. If you’re organizing your closet, save a step and re-hang the item immediately if it’s a definite KEEP.

• Be ruthless with yourself and give yourself to the count of 3 to make a decision.

The Next Steps

• Take the Trash to the can or recycling bin.

• Take the Donate tote to your car so it will leave the house.

• Keep items are neatly organized where they belong.

• Move items are put in the appropriate room/space.

• Repair items on front and center so they will be taken care of.

• And, the Think About tote is labeled and dated. If you don’t reach for the item in the next 6 months…it’s time to donate it.

Simple “Rules”

 If it doesn’t fit ~ don’t keep it.

 If you don’t like it ~ don’t keep it.

If you can’t remember why you even saved it ~ don’t keep it.

If it’s broken and you’ll NEVER fix it ~ don’t keep it.
Remember, getting Organized is a Project ~ Living Organized is a Process.

Need some assistance? Michele Thrasher of Staging by Mon Brio is also a Professional Organizer and would be happy to assist you!

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