Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spruce for Spring Part I

Get excited people, Spring is here- I promise!  This time of year is especially hopeful for buyers and sellers.  Are you selling?  If so, there is no time to waste so let's get started.

~The Exterior~

1.  Make sure your MLS photos are free from snow.  Nothing says stale more than looking at a home covered in snow online when it's a beautiful spring day outside.

2.  Pick up sticks and other yard debris.  Get rid of dead plants from last season.

3.  Bare spots=re-seed

4.  Add some color!!!  Pansies can handle the cooler days of spring and they are inexpensive.  Put a big pots by your front door.

5.  Speaking of your front door...Inspect it.  Do you need to re-paint?  No chipping or pealing aloud.  A new kick plate adds tons of style.

6.  Easy on the yard ornaments.  Pack the gnomes away.  One tasteful piece in the garden is plenty!

7.   Mulch your beds.  Even if it's just in the front.  It will help keep weeds at bay.

8.  Make your windows sparkle.

This says "Buy me and Welcome Home"

These easy and inexpensive tips will help your home shine online and up close and personal.

Need some guidance?  If your not currently listed with a Realtor, It would be my pleasure to help you get your home in selling shape!

Kristie Feeback- Full time Realtor, Danberry Realtors

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