Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fridge Make-Over Love this!

Sorry for the radio silence!  My goal is to post a least once a week...baby steps:)

I happen to love the idea of re making your refrigerator into a canvas!  I especially like the idea if you have a tired looking fridge, but in good working order.  Some of you may be saying "Kristie, chalk can get so messy and dusty".  Totally agree!  I love these chalk pens, check it out here.
Is your home for sale?  Post some of your homes Best Features on your chalk board refrigerator.  I guarantee people will be talking about your house!


Martha Stewart

Vignette Design

The Vignette Design blog is what re sparked my interest in this idea.  Check out her step by step chalkboard refrigerator post HERE!

Happy Tuesday!

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