Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Light Your Listing...but not with this

This is an unfortunate picture.  Unfortunate because I OWN THIS LIGHT FIXTURE!  I can't believe I am making this public, truly humiliating, but I am trying to prove a point.  If I were putting my home up for sale, this would be the first of many light fixtures to go! 

Lighting is an extremely prominent feature in a home. It can date (see above photo) or elevate a room to a new status instantly!  I am often surprised by how many clients comment on fixtures as they tour a home.  With gloom plaguing the skies, lighting your home is a especially important component of selling this time of year.

A few tips...
  •  When replacing a fixture make sure to hire a licensed electrician
  • Make sure the finishes on your fixtures match or coordinate with your homes decor
  • Ask your realtor or home stager for suggestions
  • To save money, don't swap a ceiling fan for a ceiling fan.  A flush mount fixture may work for less than half the cost!
Inexpensive Options, Instant Room Face Lift

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Overstock 114.00

Belladecor 158.00

Overstock 150.00

Overstock 118.00

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